Thursday, December 02, 2010

Electrical Activity of Retina May Detect Early Stage Glaucoma.

A test that measures the function of nerve cells in the retina may detect glaucoma at an early stage and help doctors evaluate the effectiveness of treatments, according to a study conducted by Dr Sehi and colleagues at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.

The study was based on the knowledge that retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) become dysfunctional as glaucoma progresses and that such changes can be measured using the pattern electroretinogram optimized for glaucoma screening (PERGLA). PERGLA measures the electrical activity of a patient's retina as he or she views an alternating pattern of black and white lines.

In a study of 47 people with glaucoma who had surgery because their intraocular pressure could not be controlled by medications the test was able to show reversal of RGC dysfunction and reduced intraocular pressure after the operations. Dr. Sehi says these results should be interpreted cautiously until confirmed by larger studies. She calls for longitudinal studies to clarify the relationship between reduced IOP and increased RGC response and to further investigate PERGLA assessment of RGC dysfunction as a biomarker for glaucoma.
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